Kitchen Renovations


If there is any room in a house that needs to reflect the owners lifestyle, it’s the kitchen. As we know, a kitchen is important because it is where we prepare and eat our meals, but what we are seeing now is a trend for kitchens to develop into something much more cool and multi-purpose. Ensuring your kitchen is built right can really make the house run smoothly.

For example, think about the difference between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What about when you have the family over? Then there is the difference between making dinner, eating dinner, and cleaning it all up afterwards. Don’t forget afternoon tea; late night cocktails; poker night, cosy heart-to-hearts…the list goes on. All of these possibilities require you to use your kitchen in a different way. That is why we take into consideration the habits of the homeowner whenever we design and build a kitchen.

Kitchen designs are an area of craft that Grindstone take great pleasure in. The challenge of finding the perfect kitchen for each home is always unique and rewarding.

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